v0.5.2 (12th February 2020)

  • add a pkg-config setup
  • Use the standard CMake-flag BUILD_SHARED_LIBS. (tastytea)
  • Add CURL and Threads as dependency in CMake config. (tastytea)
  • Replace hardcoded installation directories with GNUInstallDirs. (tastytea)
  • Set minimum CMake version to 3.12.0 (tastytea)
  • Added default compile type to CMakeLists.txt (Jorge Marizan)
  • Added configurable compile type to CMakeLists.txt (Jorge Marizan)
  • use lambda over ptr_fun (Cynthia Coan)
  • mac os x uses glibtoolize not libtoolize (Cynthia Coan)
  • Use std::make_unique when C++14 is available (Heikki Hellgren)
  • fix git version problems during yocto build (Giuseppe Ursino)
  • fix autogen to work with yocto (Giuseppe Ursino)
  • fix relative path issues (Giuseppe Ursino)
  • Added support for Unix sockets. (Dennis Jenkins)
  • update CI dist to xenial (Daniel Schauenberg)

v0.5.1 (6th May 2019)

  • add initial cmake build
  • switch httpbin tests over to https

v0.5.0 (31st October 2018)


  • Add PATCH and OPTIONS methods (#106) (drodil)
  • Add support for limiting the number of redirects (Bas van Kervel)
  • Added web proxy tunneling support. (amzoughi)
  • add client cert & key support (Fan Zhang)
  • add HEAD method (limhyungseok)
  • no-signal capability (Chris Kruger)

Improvements and fixes

  • Remove duplicate FollowRedirects function (#109) (drodil)
  • Changed content type to application/json (Hajder Rabiee)
  • fix link to CONTRIBUTING guidelines (Daniel Schauenberg)
  • update distro repositories to push packages to (Daniel Schauenberg)
  • fix isspace is not a member of std with Visual Studio 2017 (Yoann Long)
  • add (Daniel Schauenberg)
  • fix linter error for redundant blank line (Daniel Schauenberg)
  • remove unneeded curl include in restclient.h (Daniel Schauenberg)
  • Make SetProxy behave like curl's CURLOPT_PROXY (Daniel Schauenberg)
  • change prefixed address for proxy to HTTP (Daniel Schauenberg)
  • add unit test for http2 connection (Daniel Schauenberg)
  • move docker setup into Makefile (Daniel Schauenberg)
  • update CONTRIBUTING docs with proxy server details (Daniel Schauenberg)
  • add proxy server as docker service (Daniel Schauenberg)
  • default to 10s timeout in unit tests (Daniel Schauenberg)
  • update docs for HTTPS user certificate feature (Daniel Schauenberg)
  • add .github folder with issue/PR templates (Daniel Schauenberg)
  • move CI to run on travis trusty beta (Daniel Schauenberg)
  • Small optimizations (Martin Gerhardy)
  • Fix -Wpedantic warning (Daniel Perez)
  • fix README examples for conn->post, conn->put (Daniel Schauenberg)
  • add OSX install instructions to README (Daniel Schauenberg)

v0.4.4 (13th May 2016)

  • bump version because v0.4.3 was mistagged

v0.4.3 (13th May 2016)

  • only release packages from gcc builds (Daniel Schauenberg)

v0.4.2 (13th May 2016)

  • add an ldconfig script to package builds (Daniel Schauenberg)
  • Add option to set the Certificate Authority (CA) Info option. (tgoetze)
  • add clang to the travis build matrix (Daniel Schauenberg)
  • README: Update Advanced Example (Marc Zych)
  • Connection: Initialize timeout and followRedirects (Marc Zych)

v0.4.1 (2nd February 2016)

  • fix package build to include new header files from refactoring

v0.4.0 (2nd February 2016)


This is a major backwards-incompatible API refactor please read carefully

  • split out into a simple and an advanced API
    • simple API via static methods
    • advanced usage via a connection object
  • support for custom user agent strings
  • support for connection pooling and keep-alive
  • support for following redirects
  • support for getting request metrics from the Connection object

Improvements and fixes

  • increased test coverage
  • addition of valgrind and lint runs on CI
  • fixed some memory leaks
  • improved documentation coverage

v0.3.0 (10th January 2016)


  • added support for connection timeouts (Islam Yasar)
  • Allow for setting additional HTTP headers (Karol Samborski)

Improvements and Bug fixes

  • improve general documentation and add docs for auth (Daniel Schauenberg)
  • remove calls to curl_global_cleanup (Daniel Schauenberg)
  • add unit test for basic auth (Daniel Schauenberg)
  • switch unit tests to use (Daniel Schauenberg)
  • move two include instructions (Jos)
  • added reporting for test coverage (Daniel Schauenberg)
  • cleanup version gen to be driven by git tags (Daniel Schauenberg)
  • clean up build and support building on FreeBSD (Daniel Schauenberg)
  • automate package deployment to packagecloud (Daniel Schauenberg)
  • add automatic doc build & deploy (Daniel Schauenberg)
  • Ensure the built shared library does not have dynamic references to libgtest (Thomas Goetze)

v0.2.0 (19th April 2015)

  • support basic auth
  • Add header's to response object
  • fix memory leaks related to curl cleanup
  • add autotools build
  • add
  • add vendorized gtest

v0.1.2 (22nd March 2011)

  • return -1 for failed query instead of exit(1)
  • add unit tests for failed query returncode == -1
  • fix typos in README and add more sections
  • include cstring for memcpy
  • add cstdlib as include for proper dependencies

v0.1.1 (27th October 2010)

  • bump version to v0.1.1
  • add target for static library
  • add target for dynamic library
  • ignore lib folder in gitignore
  • include meta.h from local include folder
  • update README

v0.1.0 (15th October 2010)

  • initial release
  • support basic HTTP verbs (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE)

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