Struct RequestInfo


#include <include/restclient-cpp/connection.h>

typedef struct


holds some diagnostics information about a request


Lines 72-87 in include/restclient-cpp/connection.h.

typedef struct {
    double totalTime;
    double nameLookupTime;
    double connectTime;
    double appConnectTime;
    double preTransferTime;
    double startTransferTime;
    double redirectTime;
    // note: libcurl specifies redirectCount is a long, but cpplint
    // won't let us use long to match. So we must default to the
    // largest int type available so as to not allow curl to corrupt
    // the curlCode in that follows in this struct
    uint64_t redirectCount;
    int curlCode;
    std::string curlError;
  } RequestInfo;

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